June 7, 2021

How To Grow Your Email List Of Highly Qualified Clients

Written by:
Richard Kitchenmaster

How To Grow Your Email List Of Highly Qualified Parents To Convert Into Paying Clients Today

Growing an email list is something that most tutors know is a must! Yet, for some reason not many tutors have one.

That is about to change! After reading this blog, you’ll have an exact plan to begin growing your email list of your target parents/clients.

If I could go back in time and begin my tutoring business from scratch, I would begin growing my email list from day one! This is when my business really began to grow and I started attracting my ideal clients to my tutoring center.

I once had a mentor tell me that he grew his business to multiple 7-figures by only focusing on how many emails he could get each day!

Why do you need an email list?

1. An email list is the first step of the sales process.

Unfortunately, when someone stumbles upon your tutoring business for the first time...They are rarely going to take all of the actions you’d like. That’s why it is so important to capture their email address so you can begin building a relationship with your prospects.

Relationship building is what it’s all about! After you have their email, you can begin nurturing them into having them know, like and trust you so eventually they might do business with you. Parents want to get a tutor that they know, like and trust!

2. It allows you to stay top of mind.

Not everyone who comes across your business or sees an ad of yours is going to need tutoring right away. But if you continuously email your list with valuable information and again, nurture that relationship when they do need a tutor down the road, 3,4,5 months later...They will think of you when they pick up the phone to call a tutor.

3. You never have to pay for that lead again.

If you are doing any form of paid advertising, or SEO work or anything that may require a little bit of money to back up your strategy...Then I have some good news for you! When you are able to successfully get someone to give you their email, you never have to pay for that lead again! You can now follow up with them forever and ever and ever! (MUAHAHAHA *Evil laugh*)

...Unless they unsubscribe of course! But that’s okay...If they unsubscribe they would have never become a paying customer anyways.

4. Every business who has been successful long-term has a list!

If you go check your inbox right now, I can guarantee you that you have hundreds if not thousands of emails from brands all around the world doing exactly what I am teaching you here today.

Go ahead, look. I’ll wait.

See? You have tons of emails right? That’s because they all know the power of having a huge list of people who they can market to continuously.

Start paying attention when you’re browsing the web from now on...You’ll begin to notice everyone is trying to capture you as a lead!

5. The money is in the list!

I am sure you’ve heard before that the money is in the follow up. It’s true! It takes 7-12 contacts before someone is willing to do business with you. If you aren’t following up and always reaching out...You are missing out on tons of business.

What’s the simplest way to build your list?

Creating a lead magnet to attract your ideal customer!

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is essentially something you can give away to your audience in exchange for their name, email, phone number or whatever else you’d like to get from them. It could be anything that provides value to your ideal target client.

Here are some examples of different types of lead magnets:

  • Guides
  • Checklists (This is my favorite choice to start with!)
  • Giveaways
  • Audio Files
  • Courses

My most successful lead magnet to date was a course called “Multiplication Mastery” where i taught kids how to master their multiplication tables in 30 days or less. It nearly went viral in my local community! I highly recommend courses as lead magnets if possible, but they can be a lot of work. Start with something simple like a checklist and then you can work on something more robust like a course.

What is a good structure for your checklist lead magnet?

1. Have a benefit-focused title.

The title of your lead magnet should clearly state the benefit that the reader will receive if they decide to download it.

For example: The Ultimate Checklist For Improving Your Child’s Confidence In <Subject> As Well As Their Grades.

The benefit? That their child’s confidence will increase as well as their grades!

2. Include a small disclaimer

Briefly explain that the ideas in your checklist by no means promise any kind of result and that it's illegal to redistribute or copy your material. I would simply google "ebook disclaimers”, I am sure Google has plenty of templates you can choose from.

3. A description of who you are with a picture of yourself.

Include a short description of how you got started tutoring, why you love tutoring and basically why they should listen to you. This is where you can showcase your experience and demonstrate that you are an expert in your subject. It’s an opportunity to create trust.

Adding a photo of yourself is a nice touch! It allows the reader to see who the author is and further helps them to connect with who they are learning from.

4. List 5-10 things that you know your audience will get value from.

This is the actual checklist!

I suggest including 5-10 items (7 is the magic number) with a supporting paragraph. That really is it! It does not have to be complex. It needs to be just two things: valuable and easy to consume for the reader. That’s what makes checklists a great lead magnet.

Example Checklist Item:

2 - Remove All Distractions During Your Child’s Study Time. We have a ton of distractions that can easily turn our hour of study time into 10 minutes of study time and 50 minutes of texting and computer time. We have all been there…So this is my advice…
Get a timer for your child (NOT their phone) and set it for an hour. Have them put their phone on silent mode and throw it in a drawer. Turn the computer off (unless they need it for school)…Make sure there is no social media in sight and then have them get to work. You will be completely surprised how much your child can accomplish in an hour of focused time without distractions! Try it out.

5. Recap + call to action

Finish your checklist document with a paragraph recapping everything they just learned and then asking them to do something (this is the call to action).

For example: “Would you like a bit of help implementing these tips and maximize your Childs success? Book a FREE hour of tutoring with one of our amazing tutors here <Insert Calendar link>

After your lead magnet is created...You have to have a way to actually deliver that lead magnet out into the world!

You have to have a way of being able to collect their information in exchange for the free checklist you’re offering them. That's how you capture their email! There are a few different platforms and methods you can use to do this:

  • SmartTutor (has a funnel template ready to plug your lead magnet into)
  • Clickfunnels or another lead page system
  • Custom built landing web page
  • Others

What would something like that look like?

This is a landing page that I have used in my tutoring business to successfully grow my email list.

This page has roughly a 40% conversion rate which means for every 100 people that land on this page, 40 of them give me their email! That is a really good conversion!

So, now you know how to make your lead magnet and you have an idea of how to deliver your lead magnet…

It’s time to create your high converting image to be able to promote your lead magnet.

Creating high converting images

Here are a few tools that I like to use:

  • Canva.com (This is where I actually design my graphics)
  • diybookcovers.com/3Dmockups (This is where you can create free 3D mockups of your "ebooks"/guides/lists)
  • www.remove.bg(You can remove background for free using this tool)

Here's an example of an image I have used and worked well for me:

You want your images to look professional so that it feels like they are getting something really valuable for free! Good looking images will also get a higher click through rate (the amount of people who will actually click your image) which can lead to more leads for your business!

Attracting leads

Now, you have to actually get people to see your lead magnet!

Here are some places you can start promoting your lead magnet to attract your ideal tutoring clients:

  1. Put your lead magnet all over your social media profiles. Facebook, instagram, youtube etc...Anywhere that you are currently promoting on socials.

  2. Post in relevant group with VALUE posts. Don’t make the rookie mistake of posting in groups asking for the sale. That rarely works!

    Make a post saying you have noticed a lot of parents struggling with this common thing and decided to write something that could help. And then offer them your lead magnet.

  3. Put your lead magnet on your website. Anyone that visits your website you want to quickly capture their email because once they exit your site, they may never return.

  4. Related influencer shoutouts. Pay influencers where your ideal customers are hanging out and ask them to shoutout your page or lead magnet. This is a very affordable way to get attention quickly. Sometimes you can tap into an audience that took them years to build for as little as $30-$50 bucks!

  5. Advertising. Putting a little bit of money can add fuel to your list building efforts. I highly recommend advertising on Facebook or instagram for as little as $5/day!

Here are a few bonus tips for you

  • Make posts about your lead magnet on your social media every 1-2 weeks.

  • If anyone comments on your group posts, make sure you respond to every single comment.

  • On your ads start with only $5/day. Pick a budget that will allow you to stay consistent!

  • Have a pop-up on your website that after 10 seconds or so they are asked to give you their name and email in exchange for your lead magnet.
  • On your instagram posts, always say “Click link in bio”

Now Go Grow Your Email List!

Congrats on getting through this guide! You should now have a really good understanding on how to create your lead magnet, implementing a delivery system, create a high converting graphic, and attracting leads! But, I do understand this can be a lot of work! Did you know the SmartTutor system can have this entire process up and running for you within minutes?

Grab a 14-day free trial of the SmartTutor system and start growing your email list today!