Built For Tutors By A Tutor

From tutoring at local coffee shops to opening his own center which he scaled to generate 6 figures annually, Richard Kitchenmaster knows what it takes to get more students and make more money tutoring.

He's taken his proven system for gaining students and increasing sales and turned it into SmartTutor. His passion lies in teaching other tutors how to be massively successful and make more money.

"This system has worked for me and I'm excited to see what it can do for your tutoring business. " Richard Kitchenmaster, The 6 figure Tutor

How SmartTutor Works

SmartTutor uses the power of automation to maximize your marketing efforts and convert more leads into paying clients.

Generate more leads, save time & cut marketing costs so that you can use your time to do what you do best…and that’s giving awesome value to your clients for a greater impact on your bottom line.

1. Lead Comes In

When you receive a call, social media message, text message, a chat from your website's chat widget or contact form submission, it makes it's way as a new lead in your SmartTutor "pipeline".

2. Automation Begins

From the very moment the lead shows up in your system, SmartTutor gets to work. It uses ready-to-go, proven, text and email campaigns to funnel your lead through the pipeline and eventually (hopefully!) become a paying client.

3. Nurture Leads & Clients

SmartTutor is with your lead through their entire lifecycle. Whether they become a client or just weren't ready yet, the system will stay in touch based on that lead's status. It will assist with booking appointments, sharing promos and even boost your referral program.

Additional Features

In addition to automation that will help you convert more leads to paying clients, SmartTutor has other features to help take your business to the next level.

SmartTutor uses the power of automation to maximize your marketing efforts and convert more leads into paying clients.

Chat Widget

Easily insert the SmartTutor Chat Widget to your website.


Quickly create landing pages & funnels using our ready-to-go templates.


Creating and sending newsletters is simple. We've even got a template built for you.


Get a completely functional 5-page webiste. Just enter your information!


When you get a new lead, the automated follow-up campaigns convert leads to clients.

Video Series

The step-by-step get started video series makes it simple to customize your system.

We Know What Tutoring Companies Need

Save Money
SmartTutor helps you save money by making your marketing more efficient with automation.
Save Time
SmartTutor saves you time by doing all of the follow-up and booking for you.
Make More Money
SmartTutor helps you make more money with more leads, booked appointments & sales.

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