May 5, 2022

5 Reasons Why Hundreds Of Tutors Are Using SmartTutor

Written by:
Richard Kitchenmaster

You may have heard about the new system SmartTutor and wondered, what exactly is SmartTutor and why should I begin using it in my business? Well...Here are 5 big reasons why tutors all over the United States are beginning to use SmartTutor to grow their businesses.

1. Make More Money

Most people who start a tutoring business want make more money, right? That is exactly what SmartTutor helps you do! With all of the marketing tools and automations available to you, it's nearly impossible not to make more money using the system. The system is based around automations and following up with potential leads! If you aren't following up currently (Or aren't doing it well) the system will do that for you! Better follow-up = More money!

2. Save You Loads Of Time

Creating marketing material, landing pages, emails, systems and everything else involved in great marketing takes hours, weeks and sometimes even months of hard work! With all the heavy lifting done for you (Done for you emails, funnels, follow-up sequences and more) you'll be able to start generating more money ASAP. Plus you won't have to manually follow-up with a lead ever again! This alone can save you upwards of 10+ hours a week. So you can now focus on things that are more important to you...Spending the extra time with your friends, family or working on your hobbies. (All while SmartTutor is working for you in the background)

3. Everything You'll Ever Need - Huge Suite Of Tools

Never need to get another tool, gadget, or doohickey again. The SmartTutor system comes with a Chat widget, website builder, complete landing page builder, survey builder, form builder, email builder, fully functional sales process, automations and more!!

4. Student Acquisition System

On top of everything SmartTutor has to offer it also has a student acquisition system to help you get more leads and book more tutoring! (Which is really the main goal) This is something that once you customize it for your business it will begin working for you 24/7. It's like having a sales person who never gets tired, works while you're sleeping and never asks for overtime pay & commissions. It simply works for you!

5. Comes With A 14-Day Free Trial + Weekly Coaching

You can get access to the complete SmartTutor system today absolutely FREE for 14 days! And as an added bonus, all members get live weekly coaching on growing their tutoring business. This includes: Best ways to use SmartTutor, marketing best practices, strategies to grow your tutoring business and more!

I couldn't be more satisfied with SmartTutor! I needed more students but I just don't have the time to follow up like I should. Now, SmartTutor does all the following up for me. It's been awesome.
Probably my favorite thing about SmartTutor is the amount of time it saves me. After the initial setup process, it basically runs itself.
I've never been great at following up - I'm busy! SmartTutor books students for me while I'm tutoring. We're getting 3 new students a week!

If you'd like the capability to grow your tutoring business, claim a 14-day free trial of SmartTutor today. The system that has allowed me to grow my tutoring business from 0 to multiple 6-figures. What do you have to lose? Cancel within the 14-days and you won't be charged!